C J:  OK, so lets start with the story that made me wanna do an interview, you ride on Heath Kirchart's Harley?
Temp: Yeah, so I was living with Steve Berra filming for Mosaic but I didn't have a car
CJ:  Go on
Temp: So Heath calls me up wanting to film and he says he'll pick me up
Temp: I'm thinking I'll get a ride in the infamous police car but I had a feeling I might end up on the back of that Harley.  Anyway so heath pulls up on the Harley and hands me an oldschool style nazi helmet and I climb onto the bike with my camera bag on my back and his board between us.  I get on the bike and he's all serious and says not to lean or put my feet down, so now I'm kind of scared, so we get underway and hit a little bump at the end of the driveway which scared the shit out of me but we made it over with no problems.  We got on the highway pretty easily and started going pretty fast and going in-between cars.
Temp: My eyes where tearing up from the wind and the tears where drying on my cheeks, the helmet was catching the wind and choking me a little bit
Temp: At one point I decided to close my eyes and just wait till we got there, closing your eyes is twice as scary cause you don't know what to expect, at least with my eyes open I knew when we are going to hit a bump

This is an interview with my co-worker Templeton, whom I'm sure you are all familiar with from his recent montage on the Trout.  Here are a few stories and photos from when Temp lived in California and filmed for Alien and DVS.  All photos are taken by Temp, click to enlarge- CJ


 Filming Cat?
CJ: Was he wearing a shirt that said "if you can read this the bitch fell off"?
Temp: No, but he should have been, I was scared about falling off cause there wasn't anything to stop me from sliding off the slick leather seat and onto a busy California highway
Temp: So we get there and he asks me what I thought and I told him "that was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life"
Temp: he was surprised cause he said I wasn't holding on to him very tightly
Temp: I may have been scared but i wasn't going to hold onto heath like a little bitch
CJ: haha
Temp: We go to the spot and some kid is trying the kickflip 50-50 that Heath wanted to try so we goof around for a bit on his board then head back home
: As we pulled out heath starts shifting the wheel back and forth and trying to scare me
Temp: I decided not to be scared on the way back since I had survived the trip out there
Temp: On the highway it was more of the same weaving between cars and stuff, at one point heath started going really fast so I looked over his shoulder and we where going 100 MPH
Temp: Then we got back to Berra's place and he went home
Temp: That was a really long story
Temp: I always say this is my best story but it get all long and I get lazy telling it and I didn't fall off or get hurt so it's kind of a boring ending
CJ: Ha, but most people don't have stories about anything involving Heath, so its pretty good.
Temp: Yeah I guess you're right
CJ: So how was it living with Berra and filming for Mosaic?
: It was pretty crazy
CJ: I've always wondered how you get your foot in the door on something like that?
: Well a friend of mine from Highschool moved out to LA and ended up being friends with Berra
CJ: I see

                                                          Daewon after a swim
Temp: He doesn't skate, he's a writer/hustler kind of guy and Berra really respects my friend
Temp: I went to visit him on spring break my senior year, and I brought a copy of my video View Point for my friend cause he's all about people doing cool stuff (he makes zines), so I brought the video for my friend and he made Berra watch it
CJ: Nice
Temp: He made Berra take me to his skatepark, so I skated with Berra and heath was at the park too, and we all got along well enough
Temp: A few months later right before graduation Berra calls me up wanting me to film a road trip he and Heath where taking
CJ: Quite an opportunity
Temp: Yeah, opportunity of a lifetime!
Temp: I said yes and started trying to work out how I could finish school a week or 2 early so I coudl go on the trip.  I was going to skip my College graduation to go on the trip but I ended up only going on the last half of the trip and I got to finish school up and everything
CJ: So you just moved to Cali after that trip?
Temp: Well I went on the trip and there was talk about me coming out and filming for a little bit
Temp: After the trip Steve works it out that Alien will pay me a little bit and I will stay with Steve and film him and Heath.  It was only supposed to be for the summer, but as videos go the deadline always gets pushed back and I ended up staying longer and just moved out there for good
CJ: Yeah
Temp: It was awesome, those where the best times of my life
CJ: How long did you live out there?
Temp: like 2 years
CJ: What brought you back to this shithole?
Temp: I think I got kind of jaded
CJ: Yeah I could see that happening
Temp: Berra was hurt and I wasn't filming much. I fucked up my ankle really bad and couldn't really skate for about a year
Temp: I think I was just in a low point and ended up here.  I was really bummed about my ankle, I didn't have insurance and I was pretty poor so I never went to the doctor
CJ: Yeah
Temp:  It really made me realize how important medical insurance is and how the current health care system doesn't make any sense, but that's a whole other interview
CJ: Right. So from filming for Alien Workshop to having montages on PavementTrout, thats quite a leap.
CJ: Definitely a step up in my opinion.
Temp: Yeah I'm super stoked to have made a montage on the Trout, it's a whole different feeling
Temp: Filming used to be work and now it's fun again
CJ: Yeah I know what you mean
Temp: It took me a while to want to film again, it seemed pointless, like I had already made it as far as I could take it and now there wasn't any reason to film, I wasn't going to be making a video or anything and I didn't have a lit of time so I wanted to just skate and have fun
CJ: Yeah
CJ: Well I think we better wrap this up
Temp: Ok
CJ: We have exceeded the attention span of most trout readers
Temp: Yeah, the Heath story was a bit long winded
CJ: Anything else you wanna say?
Temp: Not really
CJ: Welp, looks like it back to work for you
Temp: Yep!