Click HERE to watch some wallrides and bonelesses. (Mikes video part)

C J:  What's your dogs name?
Mike: Cash
Mike: Like cash money
C J: Why did it take you over an hour to land a trick at western branch?
ike: Ouch, maybe because I suck, or maybe because I had never done that trick before.  I don't know
C J: I think it's cus you suck
Mike: Yeah

CJ: Whats the biggest handrail you've ever done
Mike: another ouch
Mike: this sick 3 stair
C J: Yeah I heard Nate "Shelltoes" Shelton did it first
Mike: Man so many people have done that rail, it was like everyone's first rail
C J: Yeah it was mine too
Mike: Just turns out I haven't done one since
C J: ha yeah
C J: So how is it that you managed to get all this footage in a month after  Good News came out, but in a year for that video you couldn't even have your own part
Mike: I guess it's because you got a camera, or because once you got your camera you made me do everything
Mike: You're just mad because you can't skate
C J: Yeah how's it feel to have your own personal filmer
Mike: I guess it's pretty cool, but the real question is how does it feel to be my personal filmer
Mike: It should feel pretty cool
C J: Ha
C J: Yeah well Staba is in LA so I guess I have to film with you for now
Mike: Yeah whatever
C J: So when are you going to wallride the big winn dixie gap
Mike: As soon as you stop asking me
C J: Awsome, that's the last time I swear
Mike: Yeah ok
C J: Mike420brown eh, do you smoke weed?
Mike: Nah, I sail man. 420 is a boat I sail, and its cool
C J: I see
C J: I cant think of anything else
C J: That may be enough
  Photos: Slagle (handstand and portrait), Congrove (crail and front board)