: wanna do my interview?
CJ: yeah man lets do it
CJ: ....the interview
Mike: word
Mike: hahaha
Mike: so where do we begin?
Mike: now?
CJ: yeah, but try to use proper english
CJ: like capitalize and stuff
Mike: ill do my best
Mike: K
Click HERE to see Mike get gnarly

Ceej, Slagoe and Tflow

Photos: CJ Congrove (noseslide), Tflow (portraits), Adam Slagle (half cab), and Brent O'Donnel (ollie)
CJ: So why does your dog suck so much?
Mike: Well, we were under the impression she was gonna be cool cause she was when we first saw her. Turned out she sucked. Not my fault.
CJ: Sure, so tell me about 11th hour.
Mike: Well basically it's like, the best video ever. The likes of Aden, Braders, Kyle, Body, you know, everyone everyone wants to see.
Mike: Just kidding, but seriously. It is
CJ: Tell me about the theme.
Mike: Well basically I'm trying to get the point that skaters aren't just skaters. We have lives too. And our lives are better spent killing babies and stuff.
CJ: Haha, speak for yourself
Mike: You know I do.
CJ: So how does it feel to be the sort of ring leader or commander of your crew?
Mike: Well I dunno. I just sort of fell into it I suppose. I like the fact that everyone's so hyped and looks to me for direction. But I don't like being responsible when shit doesn't go right.
CJ: I can relate, kinda like when we drive around for 2 hours trying to find a spot you've been to like 5 times?
Mike: HA! I've been to rock gap ONCE. John's been there a thousand times. Blame the Waterpipe.
Mike: But hey we had fun.
CJ: Yeah we did, blame the mormon of course
Mike: Mormons in my experience are usually to blame...just joshing John.
CJ: Speaking of John, tell me about his "crazy" days, I always hear weird stories about him in high school.
Mike: Isn't this MY interview? HAHAHA. Yeah, Waterslut used to be crazy. He used to screw chicks and steal my girlfriends and stuff. It was a bad ass time. I'm sorry it had to end. He's my hero.
CJ: Alright then back to you.
CJ: So do you think anyone will read yoru interview before watching your video part?
Mike: Well I hope not. I never read the god damn interview.
Mike: Do you think anyone will even go to your site?
CJ: Dang, theres a low blow. Maybe ill just burn all your footage, how about that?
Mike: I dont think you'd be burning much. Except the bomb drop, please dont lose that.
CJ: Haha, I won't
Mike: Sweet, shouldnt you ask me where i was born and what i do and stuff?
CJ: So where were you born, and what are you doing with your life now?
Mike: Well I was born in Guam, like 21 years ago. And, um, well basically I hang out with you when Im not drinking. I suppose I'll work this summer. But not as much as last year. Skating's key priority right now.
CJ: Man you drink while youre hangin out with me, like that one night at Western Branch....you were wasted
Mike: I'm always wasted, I'm drinking right now. In fact. I'm talking to you at a party at my friend Laurie's house.
CJ: I dont believe you.
Mike: Swear to Trout man
CJ: Dont try to act cool like you have friends.
Mike: Yeah, we're watching star wars and arguing over whether or not Chewie will out live Han.
CJ: Thats easy, of course he will.
Mike: Not really. But seriously....we are.
CJ: So describe your obsesion with batman movies.
Mike: HAHAHA! Thats your call man. I watched Batman Returns and you freaked. Evidently if i watch a movie Im obsessed.
CJ: Denial.
Mike: I admit fall out boy.
CJ: Lets not bring fall out boy into this, i dont want to degrade my site
Mike: Man, you have to get the word out! FALL OUT BOY FOR LIFE!!!
CJ: Anyway, how do you get so much footage.
CJ: This profile was filmed very quickly, like 3 weeks.
Mike: Umm...I usually refuse to give up when I go to a spot. Even for the shittiest tricks I want to make sure I get it no matter how gay. Sometimes that pays off, most of the times it turns out like the Art ledge.
CJ: Or suffolk.
Mike: That doesnt even count. That rail's not even worth my time.
CJ: Haha
Mike: Did you see Holroyd try to heel flip that big gap we saw.
CJ: Hell yeah it was so sick, I wish he woulda pulled it
Mike: I feel ashamed for not even trying it. I have to now.
CJ: We can go back, but lets wrap this up.
Mike: OK
CJ: Whens 11th Hour coming out?
Mike: We were shooting for September. But Tflow seems to think we shoudl shoot for november 11th. Get it 11-11
CJ: Clever
CJ: Got anything else to say for yourself?
Mike: Yeah. Thanks Soul Brother for their help. Don't do drugs, alcohol's better. Long live the Confederacy.
Mike: That's it.
CJ: Hey Mike one more thing
Mike: What's up?
CJ: Go F--k Yourself!