Here are some things I filmed while John was getting warmed up at a spot today.  John loves to warm up, a lot.- CJ

More Junk Filmed At A Skatepark

Here's some park footy, some from the contest last night and some from a while ago. 
Shredders: Tim, Chuck, Hunter, Mike B, Sam, Philip fucking Adams, guy wearing slip ons, other guy, and Hunter again.
Cali and Back

I apologize for the cheesy title, but it was just too appropriate to pass up.  This is an interview with Templeton Elliott, about some time he spent out in California filming and skating.  Check out his montage on the homepage, and go visit his blog.
The Prequel
Well with everyone putting their old videos on the internet, I figured we should join in too.  This is a video that was put together by Sam Horne a couple years ago.  For some reason he felt it was necessary to go back through all his old hi 8 tapes and put together a video.  After god knows how long, The Prequel was born.  I'm guessing all this footage is at least 5 years old.  If you can watch all this, you have more patience than me.
Issues for your Ipod
Here's Issue 1-6 for your portable viewing pleasure.  Right click and save as....

                          Issue 1               Issue 4
                          Issue 2               Issue 5
                          Issue 3               Issue 6
Rediculous Tunes + Park Shredding = Delicious

Featuring the likes of: Mike M, Brad Bentz, Chuck Illes, and Waterfield
More ProAM
Another awsomely stupid montage featuring the likes of:

Waterfield, Hunter, Mike B, Bitch Boy, K-Turn, Paolo, Double Wrist Gaurd, and Chuck Ransdell Illes.

This is the best/worst montage I've ever made...I like it.

Scum: Paolo, Boo Kerwin, Nick, and Broseph Hunkstein (Sam Horne)


Issue 6.5
Sam has been buggin me to make a montage of old unused footage.  So here it is, some of it is real real old, some is recent, but all of it is pretty bad.  Least it's something to look at

Skateboarders: Ceej, Kyle Wian, Mike M, Paolo, Shane, Mike B, Tim "Sally" Lamb, Slagoe, Boo Kerwin!, Bdunn, Nick Flanders!, and Sam Bomar Horne

Yes we are filming for the video.  Here is proof we are trying hard.  Listen careful and you can hear me get dumber.- CJ
Yay for park montages

ParkHeads: Chuck "Arms" Illes, Me, Mike B, Pablo, and Waterpuddle